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Wellbeing Interventions


Other wellbeing and nurture interventions offered include Drawing & Talking, Lego therapy intervention & Walk & Talk time.


Lego Therapy Intervention

The Lego Intervention is run on a weekly basis for six/twelve weeks for 45 minutes per session.


Aimed at…

  • Children who have difficulties with social skills, communication and interacting with their peers.
  • Pupils with autism.



To increase a child’s ability to engage and work co-operatively with his/her peers.

To increase a child’s strategies for compromise and negotiation.

To support a child’s ability to initiate conversation and respond appropriately.

To support a child’s ability to take direction from his/her peers.


What is Lego Therapy Intervention?

  • Collaborative play in which children work together to build Lego models in a structured environment.
  • Children have different but interdependent roles which necessitate interaction and work on a multitude of skills.
  • Group rules are formulated to decide on appropriate conduct by the group.
  • Increases interest in engaging with peers and building friendships.


Drawing & Talking Overview

Drawing & Talking runs for 12 sessions, 30 minutes on the same day, same time, same place each week, this is important as it relies on building a trusting relationship.  At the end of the 12 weeks the child is given their drawings to keep.


Drawing enables, a child to express, in a visual form, worries and preoccupations from deep in the mind that they feel that they are not able to talk about. Drawings enable symbolic & safe expression of worries and feelings. Over time, with an empathic adult giving the child attention and talking to them in a gentle, thoughtful and supportive way, asking non-intrusive questions about their drawing, the child can create a story through the pictures.


In addition, all staff have undertaken Emotion Coaching training, and this is updated each year by the SENCo. As part of our whole school provision many teachers have built in class wellbeing time on a weekly basis.