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Psalm 17:6 of the Bible


“I am praying to you because I know you will answer, O God. Bend down and listen as I pray”


Christians believe that prayer is a spiritual communication process that allows them to talk directly to God, whilst spending time listening to what God has to say to them. It is a two-way process of talking to their best friend.


The disciples asked Jesus how to pray and he taught them the Lord’s Prayer, which covers everything asked of Christians when they pray. It is made up of seven prayers, three addressing God and four related to our concerns and needs. It also sets a model for prayer.


At Egerton there are many occasions for children and adults to pray and write their own prayers if they wish.  Besides the prayer opportunities in Collective Worship, Church, Creative Prayer Days and Pilgrimage, each class has a prayer table.  We also have a whole school prayer station in the main corridor and the children are currently creating an outdoor peace garden.  Of course, prayer is not limited to these areas and we like to think that everyone is able to find a peaceful place to pray or reflect somewhere within the school day.

The Lord's Prayer