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Nurture provision

Nurture Provision


Nurture groups were set up at Egerton in November 2017 as a short-term, focused intervention for children with particular social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which were creating a barrier to learning within the mainstream class.


Since then, the need for these groups has reduced and instead we provide wellbeing interventions for groups of children that are identified by class teachers and senior leaders as needing additional support.


Each group consists of up to 6 children, led by the SENCo or class-based teaching assistant. Children attend the wellbeing intervention each week for 45 minutes for a 6-week period. Progress is measured using a Boxall Profile, which assesses individual learning and social and emotional needs to enable staff to provide relevant support and activities.  Food is shared at ‘snack time’ with much opportunity for social learning, helping children to attend to the needs of others, with time to listen and be listened to. The relationship between the staff and children is always nurturing and supportive.


As the children learn academically and socially, they develop confidence, become responsive to others, learn self-respect, and take pride in achieving.


Nurture support is not limited to the wellbeing intervention groups, as we embed the nurturing principles and practice at a whole school level, providing appropriate support for all pupils attending the school.