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Transition to Secondary School

Applying for a Secondary School

Choosing the right school for your child


When the time comes to apply for a secondary school place for your child, you can choose up to four schools, and it is important to consider which schools are best suited for your child. We are lucky enough in the Ashford/Maidstone area that we have a great many good schools around and they all have different strengths.


Local secondary schools (listed in no particular order) that Egerton children move to at the end of year 6 are:

The Towers

Highworth Grammar School

Ashford School

The Lenham School

The Norton Knatchbull School

The John Wallis Academy

The North School

Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre

Maidstone Grammar School for Girls

Maidstone Grammar School

Invicta Grammar School


Grammar Schools

If you are thinking about applying for a grammar school then your child will only be considered if they have been assessed as suitable. The Ashford and Maidstone grammar schools listed above use the Kent Test as their assessment.


What Can You Do to Help?

  • Be realistic - different schools suit different children.
  • Visit the secondary schools with your child. Secondary schools advertise their open days/mornings/afternoons on their websites.
  • Involve your child in the decision making process.
  • Try to avoid placing pressure on your child - too many feel that they have 'failed' if they do not meet the threshold.
  • Remember that we are here to help.