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Internet Safety

Internet Safety

Proverbs 2:11


“Discretion will protect you, and understanding will guard you.”


At Egerton Church of England Primary School, we are committed to the use of computer technologies and recognise the use of computers and the Internet as a valuable tool for learners of all ages.


We also acknowledge that computers and the internet do have the potential for inappropriate use and access to undesirable material and that we have a duty of care to protect our pupils.


All pupils use computer facilities, including the internet, as an essential part of the curriculum and to support learning opportunities within the school. There are well publicised concerns regarding access to material on the Internet that would be unsuitable for pupils. Whilst it is impossible to ensure that all pupils will not access such material, the school in liaison with Education in IT Services Kent (EIS) takes all reasonable steps to minimise a pupils’ access to unsuitable material. These include:

  • Use of a filtered Internet Service to prevent access to internet sites with undesirable material.
  • The requirement that wherever possible, all Internet access during school hours will be supervised by a member of staff or another responsible adult
  • The following of Internet Rules which we share with parents and pupils.



Due to the increase and the accessible nature of the technologies we and the pupils use, they may at times find themselves on the receiving end of unwanted behaviour. This is an area where the school and parental partnership are vital. We as a school will support you and your children, you can in the first instant help by being vigilant when allowing your children on the internet, monitor what they are doing and encourage them to behave responsibly and kindly at all times.  At school we inform children of safe practices, make them aware of what behaviours are acceptable and morally right, and support children when they are being targeted.  We also model acceptable, thoughtful and responsible internet use through our own use of emails and photographs and the way we behave on the school and school social media websites.


More information for parents on online safety can be found by clicking here  


Penguins (YR) Online Safety Video

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