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The Kent Test (11+)

The Kent Test (also known as the 11+)

Your child does not need to take the Kent Test unless you (and your child) are interested in naming a grammar school as a preference. The school holds parental consultations with parents in early March to discuss suitability prior to registration.

There are three tests: Maths, English and Reasoning. Examples of the types of questions can be found in the familiarisation booklet on the Kent website. Additional familiarisation materials can also be downloaded from the GL Assessment website here.

There will also be a writing task where children have an extended writing task.

The school will support children through the process but cannot coach any children for the test.

Registration for the Kent Test is in the summer of Year 5 and you can register here.

On Kent Test Results day, you will receive an email or a letter saying that: your child has been assessed as suitable for a grammar school placement (G) or a high school placement (H). The school is only allowed to discuss results the following day.

If your child was not tested or was not assessed as suitable for a Kent grammar school, you can still apply for a Kent grammar school but your application will be turned down. You will then have the right to appeal to explain why you think grammar school is a suitable option for your child and this ‘Parental Appeal’ normally takes place in May.


Key Dates for Secondary Transition (September 2021)

Monday 1st June 2020 Online Registration for Kent Test opens
Wednesday 1st July 2020 Closing Date for Kent Test applications
Tuesday 1st September 2020 School applications open
Thursday 15th October Kent Test Date
Thursday 26th November Assessment decision sent to parents
Monday 2nd November 2020 Closing date for secondary school applications
Monday 1st March 2021 National Offer Day (4pm)
Monday 15th March 2021 Places must be accepted/refused
Friday 26th March 2021 Deadline for appeals to be submitted.


Kent Test 2020 UPDATE

Kent County Council are applying to delay the date of the Kent Test to Thursday 15th October to allow the children time to settle back into school.

They are also proposing that the Secondary Common Application Form (SCAF) expands the number of choices of Secondary School from 4 to 6 choices; for this year only. This would allow for two grammar schools to be named without reducing the number of non-selective choices.

The final decision is expected mid-July, which will be communicated to parents by the end of term. As soon as we are made aware, we will update here.


It is understandable that families would like to have a clear idea of what is going to happen to the Kent Test in the light of the current Covid-19 lockdown, but unfortunately it is too early to confirm anything other than that provision will be made for children to be assessed so that Kent’s grammar schools can determine which of their applicants can be admitted.


A selection mechanism of some type will need to be applied, however, as it is unclear when restrictions will be released, or whether schools will be back in session before September. There is national legislation around the co-ordinated admissions process, so the action which can be taken regarding the timing of the Kent Test will also depend on advice from the DfE, which has yet to be issued.


The loss of direct teaching time is concerning but unavoidable. ike the national exams which have been cancelled, the Kent Test does not examine a taught syllabus. The process which determines what level of test performance will constitute a “pass” is set by KCC after the test has been completed, so there is also scope for flexibility when the Council considers the impact of the lockdown on everyone taking part.


A more detailed plan will be shared as soon as it is available.


If you wish to receive a paper registration form, please contact the Secondary Admissions Team on 03000 41 21 21 or email


You can also print off a copy of the form to complete and return.