Egerton Church of England

Primary School

Together, we inspire, nurture and thrive.

St James' Church

St. James’s Church, Egerton


Matthew 18:20 Good News Translation (GNT) of the Bible


“For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them."


Egerton Church of England Primary School is a Church of England Christian community in which we try to live out our faith in everything that we do and teach.  We are fortunate to have very strong links with our church and our incumbent, enabling us to benefit from active and engaging Christian education and worship.


At Egerton we seek to follow a similar ethos to St James’s Church. Both church and school are inclusive Christian communities who seek to welcome and nurture everyone who wishes to be a part of the worshipping community. Together we try to support and nurture all children, staff and parents by providing equal respect and opportunity to everyone regardless of race, physical ability, gender, sexuality or creed.


The age old tradition of Anglican Church schools sees both school and church as a hub for the community whether children or adults, Christian or not. We seek to involve ourselves in community service as a part of our Christian witness. It is by working together with our community and worshipping together in school and church that we are disciples of Jesus.


Worship plays a huge part in the life of Egerton CE School. Every Wednesday the whole school walks to St James’s Church where the Vicars, Reverend Sheila, Reverend Jack and Reverend Richard take it in turns to lead Collective Worship.  We also meet in church for major festivals and class ‘Worship Together’, to which parents and other members of the school community are warmly invited.  The Vicars of St James’s Church are familiar faces around the school and Reverend Sheila is one of the Foundation Governors.  Reverend Jack meets regularly with the Headteacher and also leads our Active Church within the school.  Our main concern is to teach Christianity in a way that is clear and relevant to today’s world and to encourage children and adults alike, to use the great Christian stories and the great themes of the Christian year to interpret their own lives and their own experiences.


Our intention is not so much to teach children about the Christian faith but to teach them to use their Christian faith in every aspect of their lives as they grow and develop. Hopefully, we do this by example and encouragement. We endeavor to live out Christianity in the classroom and the playground, in school and in church, week by week and year by year, providing a firm foundation for happy, healthy and creative learning and development for every child in the school.