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Remote Learning

Remote Learning


The school has implemented research from the Educational Endowment Foundation as a basis for our approach to remote learning

When implementing strategies to support pupils’ remote learning, or supporting parents to do this, key things to consider include:

  • Teaching quality is more important than how lessons are delivered
  • Ensuring access to technology is key, especially for disadvantaged pupils
  • Peer interactions can provide motivation and improve learning outcomes
  • Supporting pupils to work independently can improve learning outcomes
  • Different approaches to remote learning suit different types of content and pupils


The school has adopted a Tiered Approach

  1. Children on transition back into school to support re-integration (blended package)
  2. Individual child self-isolating
  3. Bubble closure/year group
  4. Whole school closure


To prepare and plan for the possibility of closure. It is essential that the school collates the following information from all families. This will be collected as part of our induction processes:

  • Email address for school correspondence
  • Team logins created for all children- families provided with guidance on how to access this
  • School website/social media recommended to all families as a platform for communication
  • The availability of electronic devices is ascertained for all families


The plan complies with the expectations and principles outlined in the DFE document Guidance for Full Opening of Schools.

Remote Learning Plan 2023-2024

Teams Presentation

A short video including how to access your account, view assignments and join Team meetings and live lessons.