Egerton Church of England

Primary School

Together, we inspire, nurture and thrive.


'What' we teach.

As a school we have devised an individualised 'Egerton' Curriculum that meets the requirements of both the 2014 National Curriculum ( and the current Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (


In addition we use our children, their interests, and the rural community in which we are a proud part of, to stimulate learning within the wider curriculum.  Study of local artists, the Village and learning with and from local schools in sport and music, among others, add richness to the children's' learning experiences.


As a Church School, we use the Kent Agreed Syllabus to give our children opportunity to explore the Christian faith as well as other World Religions and develop spiritually and emotionally.

'How' we teach.

Teaching is flexible in order to meet the needs of all learners.  We use active learning strategies including:Building Learning Power (, KAGAN ( and Philosophy for Children ( to promote high expectations across all areas of the curriculum.  We recognise the importance of developing confident and articulate learners so teach our children the cognitive, linguistic, social and physical aspects of oracy through all areas of our curriculum.


We expect children to be active and accountable in the learning process including: being ready to learn, planning and reviewing their learning, being fully engaged in responding to marking and using their targets to know how they can improve.

Curriculum Overview

Our Egerton Curriculum sets out clearly how we will meet our statutory obligations but rightly goes beyond this to include the skills and experiences that we believe prepare Egerton children for their future challenges in life, taking into account children's identity as individuals and their part in our wider community.  Our subject overviews outline our curriculum in more detail.