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Worship at Home

Worship at Home

Psalm 100:5 of the Bible


“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”


Time to Gather

If you enjoy singing, decide a song or hymn to start with and one to end with. There are some suggestions at the end.  The leader invites everyone to close their eyes and takes a few deep breaths, then reads the following:


Leader: We usually go to church to worship God with God’s people, but today we are being church here in this place.

Place the cross, the Bible and the candle in the middle of your gathering.  Light the candle.


Everyone: Jesus is the light of the world


Time to Read the Bible

Choose a passage or story from the Bible:

  • Read it from the Bible or a Bible story book
  • Act it out or watch a video that tells the story.
  • You can access International Children’s Bible(ICB) here for free

Responding to God’s Word

  • How might you think together about what you have just heard? You could:
  • Wonder together: I wonder what was your favourite part of that passage/story? I wonder which part surprised or puzzled you? I wonder what it tells us about God? I wonder how it helps us to live as Christians?
  • Draw or sculpt: Use paper and pens, modelling dough, Lego or pipe cleaners to respond to the passage or story. Share with each other something about your drawing or model.
  • Bring something to the circle: Look around where you have gathered and find something to bring to the circle that helps you think more about what you have heard. Share why you chose that object.

Time to Pray
Here you can pray for your friends, neighbours, community, the church and the nation.  At school we usually pray for our families, friends, the world, our community, people who are suffering and ourselves.
Say the Lord’s Prayer.
Go in peace to love and serve the Lord, Amen

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