Egerton Church of England

Primary School

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What is Music?



At Egerton, we intend to nurture and develop our learners’ love and curiosity for music. We want to give our children the opportunity to perform, listen to, compose and appraise a range of musical genres in order to allow them to experience many different styles of music.  We understand the important role music plays in supporting children to flourish so we use this as an anchor for learning.



We recognise the important role music plays in our wider curriculum which is why our children access a varied range of opportunities as soon as they start in their Reception year.  They have plenty of opportunities to sing, use percussion instruments and start to learn about pulse and rhythm.  As the children progress through the school, children are taught to fine tune their skills and start to apply their knowledge when playing musical instruments. 



The aim is for our children to demonstrate that they:

  • Enjoy music as a listener, composer or a performer

  • Understand how to further develop their skills and knowledge and use their initial platform to have the confidence to experiment with musical styles and genres

  • Appreciate and understand the journey music creates for us as individuals

  • Understand how music can be used to support our well-being