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Home Learning

Home Learning

Proverbs 18:15


‘The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out’


We understand parents have different views regarding homework so we have strived to ensure home learning is manageable, meaningful and supportive.  Homework will remain flexible to ensure different views can be accommodated however, for those that want to engage with home learning tasks the following guidance will help you to understand how and why homework works the way it does here at Egerton.


  • Homework for each year group is set out on the class newsletter.  Tasks are varied and cover a range of different subject areas depending on the topic being covered. These will change from term to term and will not include just maths and English.  We value the importance of all areas of the curriculum and this is reflected within the tasks we set.


  • Reading and times tables practise should, where possible happen on a daily basis.  These are high priority homework areas as they allow the children’s skills to sharpen.  The children use these on a daily basis, so it is important to support these in order to build confidence and fluency.


  • It is up to parents to decide how many of the tasks are completed.  There is no pressure to complete them all or indeed any.  We understand that some terms are busier than others and this flexibility allows for this. Children are not punished for non-completion.


  • Children can complete the homework tasks however they want to.  This could include; posters, drawings, writing, 3D models, PowerPoint presentations or art.  We encourage a variety of styles and approaches as these often inspire others.


  • Children will have the chance to show their homework in class.  This comes in many different forms, depending on the task.  This may include presenting their work to the rest of the class; displaying work on the walls; talking to their friends about what they have done or displaying work around the school. Each class teacher will freely decide how to do this according to the nature of the tasks.


  • How the children receive feedback will vary depending on the task or what is deemed most appropriate.  There is not a set format for recognising homework.  This may include; show and tell, providing verbal feedback, receiving a certificate or receiving a sticker.  Unfortunately, it is not possible for teachers to provide written feedback to each child for each piece of homework.  This does not mean we do not appreciate your support or the efforts of the children, it just means we are able to use more efficient ways to celebrate home learning, allowing us to support the impact on children’s learning and well-being.


  • Most importantly, have fun! It is important to us that the children enjoy engaging in homework tasks and sharing their various talents and skills to others at school.