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Week 4- Bikeability and an Egyptian Fashion Show


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On Monday, most of us took part in a bikeability course, and luckily the weather was glorious. We learnt how to: prepare ourselves and our bikes for cycling, get on and off the bike without help, start off, pedal and stop with control, pedal along, use gears and avoid objects, look all around and behind, and control the bike and share space with pedestrians and other cyclists. We loved taking part and learning new skills and we even got awarded with certificates. We wish we could ride our bikes on the playground every day!
In our topic lesson this week we learnt about the clothing worn by different members of society in Ancient Egypt. We worked together to create outfits to represent farmers, priests, pharaohs, tax collectors and slaves. We then joined with Year 3 to participate in a fashion show. Our models paraded down the catwalk whilst the designers of their outfits talked us through their choices of fabric and design. The outfits were judged, based on how in keeping they were with the job role, originality and practicality. In Woodpeckers, the priest outfit got the highest number of votes, although all outfits were excellent and a lot of fun was had making them.