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Week 3- Science, School Games Day, Egerton Topic Week

Science- Living Things and Their Habitats

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In our science lesson this week, we went exploring the school grounds in search of minibeasts. We found millipedes, butterflies, ladybirds, snails, spiders, woodlice, aphids and lots of ants. Once we had found a creature, we used a decision tree to help us to identify and classify it. We added on any creatures we found which were not already part of the tree and had to observe it closely to decide where it was best placed.

School Games Day

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Wednesday was School Games Day and the weather forecast was definitely accurate in stating that it was the hottest June day since 1976! Nevertheless, we slipped on our T-shirts, slapped on our hats and slopped on the sunscreen to compete with our house teams. The morning's events consisted of a carousel of sporting events designed to test our speed, skill and agility. After lunch, we took part in sprint races and our class novelty race. Well done to everyone who took part in what was a very enjoyable but very challenging day, and to Morpurgo house, whose team members had the highest average score of the day overall.

Egerton Topic Week

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This week was 'Egerton Topic Week' and all classes took part in focusing their learning on Egerton. In Year 4, we directed our learning towards fact and fiction in relation to the village, particularly centred around St James' Church. We were given statements about Egerton to investigate and used a variety of sources of evidence to analyse and help us to determine whether we believed them to be fact or fiction. We had to think carefully about the reliability of the evidence we had.


One of the statements we investigated related to the myth of their being a tunnel leading from the cellar of the village pub. Mr Hawkins said that he had been in the tunnel before it was blocked up, although we could not find any evidence in books or on the internet to verify its existence. We began wondering why there would be a tunnel and where it would lead, so on Friday, we wrote some fiction stories about the mysterious tunnel.


In our art lesson this week we walked to St James' Church and, through careful observation, we drew either the church, the World War I memorial or a gravestone. We were very lucky to have lovely weather (but not too hot!) which made our lesson all the more enjoyable.


In addition, all week we have been thinking about our own personal histories and sharing items in shoe boxes which represent important events over our lifetimes. We thought about the 'archaeology of rubbish' and how we can learn about a person's history by looking at, not only items they throw away, but how the oldest items will be at the bottom, building up layers, similar to how history is discovered underground by archaeologists.

**Pigerton Update**

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Pige has been exercising his wings regularly to build up his strength to fly and tilts his head to the side when he's listening carefully. He has enjoyed spending time on Miss Wood's shoulder this week :)