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Week 3- Gymnastics and R.E


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In gymnastics this week we collaborated to improve the sequences we have been working on since the beginning of term. We included a range of balances, counter-balances and synchronisation.

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday 1
Ash Wednesday 2
Ash Wednesday 3
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Last week in R.E we were learning about Shrove Tuesday. This week we learnt about Ash Wednesday and the beliefs and traditions related to it. As part of our learning, we each confidentially wrote down something that we were sorry for and then folded up our piece of paper. We went out onto the playground where Miss Wood started a (very small, very safesmiley) fire. She then put our paper into the fire and we excitedly watched it burn until there was nothing left but ash. We all agreed that we felt a sense of relief and forgiveness when our paper had been burned. Some of us used the ash to make the symbol of the cross on our foreheads.