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Week 1- Welcome, Cricket, Coding, Book Swap

Welcome back to term 5! I hope you all had a wonderful, restful Easter break. Fingers crossed the beautiful weather continues for the duration of the term.


I would like to welcome Jesse and George to Woodpeckers Class.

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I would also like to welcome Miss Lawless to Woodpeckers Class. Miss Lawless is a student teacher and will be working in our class for the duration of term 5, and the first week of term 6.
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Cricket 1
Cricket 2
Cricket 3
Cricket 4
We started term 5 with the sun shining and a game of kwik cricket, but with a difference: in order to work on our skills of bowling, throwing and catching, we didn't use bats. We will progressing to using these throughout the term as we build up our skills.


Coding 1
Coding 2
Coding 3
Coding 4
Coding 5
This term, our computing learning will involve programming directions into a computer and floor roamer. We had great fun this week, creating mazes with obstacles for our friends to navigate.

Book Swap

Book Swap 1
Book Swap 2
Book Swap 3
Book Swap 4
Book Swap 5
Book Swap 6
Book Swap 7
Book Swap 8
Book Swap 9
Book Swap 10
Book Swap 11
Book Swap 12
Book Swap 13
Book Swap 14
Book Swap 15
Book Swap 16
On Friday, we took part in a book swap with year 3. If we had books at home that we had enjoyed, but no longer needed, we brought them in so that we could swap a book with someone else and take new books home to enjoy. We had great fun exploring the different books which were kindly donated and we all went home with at least 1 book, if not a small pile (apologies to parents who were trying to minimise their book shelves!).