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Reading Scheme

At Egerton, we use the 'book banding' system to organise children's reading books.  Texts are grouped, in coloured bands, according to the difficulty of the text.  When a child is learning to read, it is important that they have access to lots of different kinds of books and a wide vocabulary.  Most reading schemes have their own core vocabulary and some children can struggle when they are asked to read something different.


Book Banding is designed to help schools grade reading books across different reading schemes.  At Egerton, we will have books from different reading schemes with each book band so our children have access to the variety they need whilst still being supported at the right reading level.


Progress through our reading scheme will not be automatic.  Instead we will assess children, using the PM Benchmarking resource (, to ensure they have secure understanding in all areas of reading - fluency, comprehension and reading behaviours.  From the assessment information, teachers can identify if children are secure within the band they are currently reading so they can be moved to the next coloured band._