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Pupil Voice

What is Pupil Voice?


At Egerton, we think Pupil Voice is an important part of everyday school life. We aim to support our children to be able to speak about the things that are important to them, things that they would like to see improved and things that they think are great about our school.


The Pupil Voice group is made up of two Pupil Voice Leaders (from year 6), along with the eight House Captains (also year 6). These children are elected by Key Stage 2 in a ballot style poll. Each year group also elects two class representatives to be part of the Pupil Voice group.


Our Pupil Voice meeting system works on a termly basis. Once a term, we have a cycle of three meetings:

  • Meeting 1 - Pupil Voice group only meet to discuss the agenda to put forward to the whole school.
  • Meeting 2 - The whole school is split into 8 groups (each house is split into two) during an assembly time. Each group has at least one year 6 member to run the meeting, with the support of the younger year groups. The agenda decided the previous week is discussed with the whole school, to allow them time to have their say.
  • Meeting 3 - In the final week, the Pupil Voice group collate the information from the previous week's meeting and discuss what their next steps are. This might involve taking key information to members of staff, putting suggestions forward or creating a working party to act on something.


At Egerton, all children have the opportunity to discuss their ideas on how to make our school even better.


We have also recently added a Pupil Voice box where children can post ideas or suggestions at any point within the term. The Pupil Voice aims to report back to the school as often as possible on these suggestions and things that happen after their final meeting.


Below you will find minutes from some of our meetings. The Pupil Voice group have previously arranged a Whole School Talent Show, discussed events that they would like the Friends of Egerton to consider, discussed how they would like their allocated budget to be spent and most recently have considered how their would like the merit shop to be improved alongside discussing ways to develop school assemblies.

The Pupil Voice Leaders and House Captains for 2018 - 2019 Academic Year

These will be chosen early in Term 1.