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We began our lesson by listening to the introduction of 'The Carnival of the animals' by Saint Saens, and thinking about how the music helped us to picture different animals. Then we used a range of instruments to explore different sounds we could make. We are aiming to make our own musical compositions by the end of Term.

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Noah's Ark

We listened to the bible story of Noah's Ark and acted it out. We then helped to make a huge rainbow and drew pairs of animals to go in the ark. It was a colourful afternoon!

Dinosaur Discoveries!

A visit from Professor Fossilsaur.

Steve's Dinosaur Talk - Tuesday 31st January 2017

We made a discovery in the reading circle. What could they be?

We designed our own rockets, and loved using junk modelling to create them. Have a look at our work in progress!
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We had great fun this week when we learnt about the Moon. We found out that it is rocky and covered in large holes called craters, and isn't made of cheese at all! We used junk modelling to recreate the Moon, describing it with wonderful vocabulary, such as 'dusty', 'shiny', 'bumpy' and 'mountainous'. A picture of the finished Moon is coming soon...
Today we visited Reverend Sheila in church and she led a Baptism service for our baby doll, Amy. We found out about the important roles of the parents and Godparents, and the special service that welcomed our baby into God's family. We really enjoyed writing and drawing about it back in class.

Learning about Baptism

Quentin Blake Art

This afternoon the children were learning about the illustrator Quentin Blake. They looked at some examples of his work in the stories of Roald Dahl and watched a video clip to see how he creates his magnificent pictures. The children then had a go, following the same process and have produced some fantastic water colouring pictures. Next term we will display these in the corridor to celebrate their artistic achievements.

Quentin Blake Art

Our Harvest Baskets

Our Harvest Baskets 1 We made Harvest baskets to thank God for our food.

Investigating Wind Speed