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Ashford Music Day - Thursday 22 June 2017

Ashford School Music Day - Thursday 22 June 2017

Mrs Crossley- Roberts and I had the pleasure of accompanying 13 Redwings and Woodpeckers to a celebration of music at Ashford School.


Here, a number of local primary schools gathered to rehearse as one choir, this was in preparation for their performance to parents in the afternoon. They demonstrated the most excellent listening skills throughout the long day of rehearsals which tested their ability to follow a number of different conductors, learn a number of new songs from a variety of musical genres as well as being accompanied by a range of different musical instruments. Their musical stamina was certainly tested!


We would also like to celebrate that Olivia Carlton chose to include herself (and her violin!) in the orchestra put together using instrumentalists largely from Ashford Prep School. Her concentration, independence and bravery are to be commended!


Throughout the day it was easy to be proud of each of these learners. They demonstrated exemplary behaviour during the rehearsals as well as each of our breaks and it was wonderful to see them enjoy all the opportunities made available to them. When listening to the performance we could always hear the beautiful voices of our Egerton singers as well as being able to see their smiley faces!


Thank you to all the family members who transported the children to and from Ashford as well as joining us for the big performance at the end of the day- We hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Mrs Batt

Acting Assistant Head Teacher

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